A Shabbat tour of the German Colony

A tour along Emek Refaim, the main street in Jerusalem's German Colony.

It's Shabbat; the busy weekday street is quiet now, allowing you to leisurely stroll under the line of 100-year old trees and gaze at the exquisite houses.

Emek Refaim Street, the main throughway of the German and Greek Colonies, boasts many differing styles of houses – European, Oriental, elaborate and simple.

We will learn about the different inhabitants – Templars, Armenians, Palestinians, Greeks, eastern immigrants, government officials and artists.

We will hear of the neighborhood's past and of its future, including development plans.

We may also enter the Templars cemetery (if possible)

Time: Saturday  at 5 p.m.  Meeting place: Emek Refaim   About 2 hours

Cost: 70 shekels per person

English language tours are available with advanced request.

This tour is by reservation only, depending on a minimum number of participants. It’s possible to arrange additional times for groups or families.

Efrat Assaf: 052 3953329  efiassaf@gmail.com