Tours & Articals


Emek Rephaim – Germens, Greeks, Armenians and Arabs in the  German and Greek Colony. – article from the BBC site including a videoed tour by me at the German Colony

Talbyah – the most luxery nighborhood of Jerusalm

Mishkenot Shaananim and Yemin Moshe –The first neighbourhoods outside the city walls.

The City Center Nachlaot and Machne Yehuda –Wall paintings, alleys , Gallerie and the Market place.

Ein Karem –Stories and monasteries.

The Old City:

4 Quarters – Introduction to the Old City through the alleys and roofs lookouts.

The Ramparts Walk – from Jafa Gate to Lions Gate. Between East and West, Medieval and Modern times.

From the Tower of David to David's City – Jerusalem at the 1st temple period.

From Herod's palace to Herod's temple – King Herod and Jerusalem at the 2nd temple period.

Following the Madaba Map –Jerusalem at the Roman and Byzantine periods.

The Via Dolorosa snd Mt. of OlivsJesus and Christianity in Jerusalem.

And more….